Newest Pics and Videos!

We got some great pics to share with ya’ll. And Riley said mumum for Lisa today. Several times! It was so exciting. A quick shout out to the Mikes! Congratulations on Lil Rose! She is adorable and we are so excited for ya’ll!! A lil bird suggested that the inspiration of your journey should get a Ganesh print..hinh hint..just kidding, enjoy the second trip to India, and if you need any guidance at all, contact us here..

Anyone looking?


Planning her escape..


High Steppin’


Sittin Pretty!


Mommy apparently IS funny after


Ready to head out..


Do I know you??


I DO know you!!





5 Responses to “Newest Pics and Videos!”

  1. Heather R. Says:

    As always, she’s a little doll! There is nothing better than a baby belly laugh! I’m gonna do my best to be there to see her in July.

  2. Amani Says:

    Oh she is just so delightful, her beautiful little laugh. That boing toy was a great investment, who would have thought a door stopper could provide such fun!

  3. Tex Says:

    She gets cuter every day!

  4. jean elizabeth Says:

    Hi guys,

    These are great. Margaret you look so cute holding Riley.
    Mother is up here for my birthday….give a call.

    Love you all, jean elizabeth

  5. Heather R. Says:

    I need a Riley fix!!!!!

    I just found a box in the hall closet that I was supposed to send out months ago for her. I’m a horrible aunt! Good thing I bought the outfits a little big so she hasn’t outgrown them yet.
    I promise to correct my errant ways in the future!

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